Our Services

San Juan Water Works has always been known for our superior service.

We specialize in spring turn-ons, routine maintenance, seasonal tune-ups, repairs, upgrades and fall winterizations. Proper maintenance of a sprinkler system ensures the system will operate efficiently for a very long time, just like your automobile.

sprinkler systems in Durango, CO

Sprinkler system installations

Irrigation is a key component to a healthy landscape in Southwest Colorado. Water saving designs & quality installations provide years of hassle free watering. Our sprinkler systems allow the end user peace of mind, knowing all components will properly work and their landscapes will be efficiently watered with little to no attention from the customer.

San Juan Water Works is a “Rain Bird Select Contractor”, which enables our company to offer a five year warranty on all rain bird products. We also offer a two year warranty on the workmanship of our systems. You are ensured the job will be done right if you choose our company to install your sprinkler systems. We are fast, efficient and provide only the highest quality systems at competitive prices.

Spring turn-ons

Turn on system, check the operation, reset the clock, and monitor and adjust sprinkler heads as necessary or requested. This allows adequate coverage of your lawn, plant beds, shrubs, and trees.

Sprinkler maintenece, Durango, CO

Seasonal Tune-up

Adjust sprinkler heads and drip irrigation for changes in growth patterns or current weather conditions. Change settings on clock if needed. Assure system is working efficiently.

Repairs & Upgrades

There are many sprinkler systems in La Plata County that are operational but have not been serviced to work properly or efficiently. There are also many sprinkler systems that are 20 to 30 years old. We specialize in minor to major repairs as well as simple to major up-grades. Please contact the office if you would like additional information.

Fall Winterizations

Blow out entire system to prevent damage from freezing in pipes, heads, and/or valves through the winter. This must be done to eliminate costly repairs in the spring.

Backflow Testing

We have five certified Backflow technicians in order to respond to the city requests when Backflow preventers are due for their annual inspections. San Juan Water Works is extremely reliable and we will be there when we say we will.  Even if the service call requires plunging into the Animas River in October!

Read more about Backflow Testing and Prevention.