About San Juan Water Works

We are a Rain Bird Select Contractor

When you have an automatic sprinkler system installed, it is important to choose the right contractor. One sure way to make the right choice is to choose San Juan Water Works, a Rain Bird Select Contractor.

San Juan Water Works, as a Rain Bird Select Contractor, adheres to the Code of Professional Responsibility.
A Rain Bird Select Contractor:
  • Installs quality irrigation systems with genuine Rain Bird products.
  • Is a trained and experienced professional irrigation contractor with a history of customer satisfaction.
  • Is highly skilled in both system installation and service.
  • Will protect your drinking water supply by installing the appropriate backflow preventer, according to local codes.
  • Will select the right Rain Bird products for the unique needs of your landscape.
  • Will program your controller to operate at maximum efficiency.
  • Will instruct you on how to adjust your system’s watering schedule to meet seasonal requirements.
  • Has been in business at least three years.

Our Pledge of Excellence

San Juan Water Works Inc. developed certain Standards of Installation to enhance the quality, reliability and efficiency of automatic sprinkler systems. This professional installer has agreed to install Rain Bird automatic sprinkler systems in accordance with these standards.

Furthermore, San Juan Water Works Inc. provides 5 years warranty on all Rain Bird parts.

The Standards of Installation are detailed below.


Complete and accurate job site information and proper hydraulic design criteria will be used in the preparation of your irrigation plan. This information will include:

  • Property size, shape, soil type and elevation changes
  • Identification of existing and proposed plantings and hardscape
  • Climatic factors including wind direction and summer and winter temperature extremes
  • Service meter size and static water pressure
  • Local plumbing and backflow prevention codes

Product selection will be based on the approved system plan and your budget.

  • Controller and valve selection will be based on the following requirements: number of stations; individual station timing; special watering schedules; location of controller.
  • The backflow prevention device selected will meet all applicable plumbing codes.
  • Pop-up rotors and spray heads will be used for grass areas and pop-up shrub heads, drip emitters and soaker tubing will be used for non-grass planting areas

Proper installation increases system performance, reliability and plant growth while conserving water.

  • Controller settings will be timed to eliminate overwatering and minimize runoff
  • All wiring will be approved for direct burial and all underground electrical connections will be made with water-tight connectors to ensure trouble-free operations
  • Valves will be placed in valve boxes to assure their protection and accessibility for service
  • All sprinkles will have matched precipitation rate nozzles and be properly spaced to achieve desired coverage for optimum plant growth and water conservation.
  • Installation will be fast, efficient and completed with the least possible disruption

Service will be provided in a timely manner by a trained professional.

  • Only genuine Rain Bird parts will be used as replacements
  • All work will be done by qualified irrigation professionals
  • All cost will be estimated and approved before non-warranty work is started